Pics of sexy alternative babe Lee Von Lux making a dirty nude video at home. This model’s booty is out of this world.

Kira Kays takes off her jean skirt @ Smut Makers


Nova May is slim and tight and sexy and real… This 18 year old is well aware of how sexy she is.

Awesome Asian babe Mai Ly shows off her big natural boobs and wet pussy in these pictures from the Smut Makers members area. This chick has one of the best pairs of big tits.

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Elina is just so fucking sexy. She’s one of my favorite Smut Makers ever to be honest. Just such a cock tease and so aware of it. Hanging around with this girl was easy!

Some pics I took of Niki while she was lounging on the couch. That is literally what she was sitting like after we shot a scene. You have to love this girl… And sometimes you have to just let things happen…

It’s always nice to welcome a hottie with big tits into the fold. Mai Ly came to New York from the West Coast and hit me up to ask if she could be on Smut Makers. Of course I said yes. It was the right answer. This chick is great and those tits are… a big part of it. Mai was really cool to hang with, we made some really sexy, fun stuff that will be appearing inside the Smut Makers members area this fall/winter.

Lee Von Lux took off her bikini bottoms and gave us that look. Damn. There are 115 more pictures from this set inside the Smut Makers members area right now.

This girl is always sexy as hell. Johannie is one of those models who you absolutely know does it because she loves it. She could strip and pose all day and I know that we could watch her do that all day. And have! This latex outfit with the zip up front is a perfect outfit for Johannie to play in.You can follow Johannie on Twitter @Johannie_v and check her out in her fully nude videos and pictures at Smut Makers

Azrael Arden unzips her velour sweat shirt in this sexy Smut Makers strip tease progression. There are a lot of “s” sounds in that first sentence aren’t there? If you know Azrael then you know that this gallery is proof that you can make cleavage with a small b-cup if you really try.

You can see the whole gallery inside Smut Makers of course.

That’s progress. @ Smut Makers

Sexy Latina 18 year old Elina has on a pretty wild looking outfit in this picture set. White pantyhose, a silver skirt and a puffy bra to go along with it. Don’t forget the high heel sneakers! This gallery has 110 pictures or so and it’s the naughtiest one Elina has done so far by a mile!

See The Whole Set @ Smut Makers

This is what it’s like to have Niki Lee Young hanging out in your apartment. Yes. White lingerie in the kitchen.

Download Gallery: Niki Lee Young White Lace

I basically love Lee Von Lux now. I started off liking her and then every time I saw her after that I liked her a little bit more… You keep liking a girl a little more every time you see them, and you see them a lot of times… Before you know it you’re in love!

OK maybe it’s not a traditional love… More of a porn love…  But it’s still real! The thing with Lee is that she’s really, really good at making smut.  Killer body, amazing ass… Every time she makes one of her dirty selfy vids I look at it and, honestly, I actually feel happy. And horny. The horny part is a reaction most hot girls can get from me, but the “Happy” is something extra. That’s what sets Lee apart. 

These caps are from the last selfy video she made on her phone. It’s 12 minutes of fun, happy, sexy stripping, available inside Smut Makers now.

Download Video: Lee Von Lux Button Down Selfy

Chelsea always looks beautiful. I guess she should, it is her job after all. This babe has a bunch of fantastic galleries in the Smut Makers members area.